Card for rafaela

The girl is Mo Manning / Penny Black stamp Urchin with Bird that i colored with crayola as part of self challenge.

Crayola is a color pencil that i owned, i know its children’s school grade and i never realized that it can be quite astounding result for just using crayola 24 colors. (i used baby oil / mineral oil and q-tip to blend)

The dog is my hand-draw, referencing my friend’s Shiba dog, her name is Sasha. Sasha is a black shiba (kuroshiba) who lives in HK, with 3 other shiba sisters. It was also a self challenge to make this shiba drawing and coloring. I colored with crayola also, this was one of my first series of trial using crayola color pencils.

For this card’s background, I masked the bottom with a random curvy torn paper. Positioned the paper in Misti, then I stamped PB snowy grove with Versamark, i used white emboss and heat set.

For coloring, i did water color by wet and wet method. I wet all the white emboss area with generous water. I dripped diluted Ranger distress reinker chipped sapphire starting with bottom, and let water set the blend. If water is too much and the ink/water goes to undesired area, pat dry with tissue. Keep repeating this until you get the effect you want.

And on the top of i dripped a little tint of distress reinker black soot.

Let it dry naturally, do not heat set as it will leave undesired watermark, unless that’s the effect u ‘d like, but for me, i leave it air dry.

The characters were fuzzy cut and foam taped to background.


3 thoughts on “

  1. hi.Your cards are fantastic, too..just like our favorite artist, Mimi. And, just like her, we are always asking for details. So, on your snowy grove cards—what colors did you use for the background?
    Thanks ever so much, Demi.


  2. Thank you very much Tish for nice comment. It is okay to be Demi, LOLOL.
    For this card’s background, i stamped PB snowy grove, i used white emboss and ranger distress reinker chipped sapphire and on the top of i dripped a little tint of distress reinker black soot. I ‘ll also copy this into my description. 🙂

    Hope this helps. I ll try to put color too for others (it was done in Oct-Nov), sometimes i may miss out what ink i used, haha.


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